Knowledge feels like snowflakes, melting away when falling into my palms, I end up with its traces, slowly disappearing into nothing. It always feels, I am about to grasp it, if it’s not the warmth of the body eliminating its materiality. I end up with having something and/or nothing in the air to follow, hence seeking for knowledge becomes an endless journey.                                                


       Via a three-fold focus on artists, art and life, dolanbay has been investigating art theories and coherent practices consecutive of the historical changes that shape contemporary art. Consequently, he has produced series of paintings and performative installations evolving a new aesthetics, negotiating the dichotomy of Performativity & Constativity – Actuality and Potentiality, thus analyzing act, action and acting within the mode of artistic creation.

       dolanbay has studied 3D Design and Mixed Media Fine Art in the UK. He has exhibited and performed in numerous shows in London, Istanbul and Berlin. A solo exhibition in 2009 in Berlin was titled “Heavy Paintings” and a solo exhibition in 2011 in Istanbul was titled “Heavy Paintings – Beyond Traces”. In 2011 he has started a series of paintings and performative installations titled “Untitled Act”.